…they bring a sweetness of tone which is all too rare today.
…their tone was like a velvety embrace and their unanimity stunning;

the Ludwigs delicate precision was a joy.
Deryk Barker, Times Colonist, Vancouver, Canada



The special skill of the group lies in its ability to stretch the expressive

limits of tonality where it is not an obvious possibility.

They instinctively react to the music in various tightly-disciplined combinations.
Stephen Daw, Birmingham Post, Great Britain


… this excellent performance reinforced the Ludwig Quartet’s reputation as world-class performers.
Doha Times, Quatar, Arab Emirates



Debussy… with raw, exciting energy, focused rhythms,

unison phrases sounding as one magical instrument,

constantly enhanced throughout by highlights of exceptional individual solos.
Maggie Cotton, Birmingham Post, Great Britain



We had th privilege of listening to both these pieces

(Haydn op 76 no 4, Beethoven op 59 no1),

played by a group whose performance was remarkable to say the least.
Times, Oman



This was one of the best integrated, most fluent accounts I have heard in years,

playing which puts the Ludwig among the leading young quartets in Europe.
South Wales Echo, Great Britain



We remain confounded by the musicality and emotion of this ensemble.

…its pure complicity and engagement makes it a quartet of reference.
Var Matin, Toulon



The art of the Ludwig Quartet permitted the public to share

strong emotions born of the quality of the interpretation.



« Here in Chalosse we know that gourmets have found succulent recipes

when they speak about them long after having finished digesting them.

For the Ludwig Quartet it’s the same: we haven’t finished talking about it..!”
Gérard Labadie, mayor of Montaut. Journal du Sudouest

© 2015 Quatuor Ludwig

crédit photos : Etienne Charbonnier